The different types of soup of chinese hotpot

Chinese hotpot exists inder different kinds of soup. Clear, spicy, with mushrooms are some commom examples. Have a taste on different types in this post.

Some of these soups can be easily prepared at home. I give a list of recipes in this post.

Chinese hotpot has many forms. We often mention the 5 great hotpots in China. In this post, I present four examples of soups commonly consumed.

The Beijing soup 北京火锅

Sometimes called the Mongolian hotpot, it is eaten in the northern part of China. Just this once, there is meet used to prepare the soup. People only used oignons and Goji berries to perfume it. The main taste of the soup will be provided by the dishes we add into the soup. We can say that this hotpot will be what you decide to be.

The clear soup 清汤锅底



Its name directly comes from the color of the soup, white instead of red for the spicy hotpot. Then, no hot pepper here ! We use water, cooking wine and pork or chicken soup to prepare the base. Oignons, goji berries and red dates are added for taste. This hotpot is very light and soft, due to the small amount of fat use in its preparation.


The mushroom soup 菌菇锅底

Most probably born in Yunnan, of South-West province of China very well know for its plants and mushrooms species. This one is also a non spicy one. Pork soup and of course many types of mushrooms are used to prepare the base.


Le bouillon pimentée ou "mala"

The Chongqing soup


Here is the most famous hotpot soup in China, accepted as the original hotpot from which other types have diversified. It is a very spicy and high-calory one. This time, we use oil and butter to prepare the soup in order to capture all the flavours of ingredients and spices thrown into it. Cinnamon, star anise, hot pepper, ginger, garlic, vanilla and cumin can be used.


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