Which ingredients for a chinese hot pot ?

After the soup and the sauces comes the question to know what to eat. In other words, which ingredients for a chinese hot pot ?

Here is a list of ingredients you can throw into your soup. Choose according to your taste ! If you want to have a precise recipe, have a look on this post.

Typically chinese

These are ingredients which will give an authentic aspect to you hot pot. You can order ingredients online or buy them in asian grocery.


Specially Asian style. Just cut it in slices and add it to the hot pot. It will get the taste of the soup.

Bean sprout

Easy to find in supermarkets and suitable for any kind of hot pot soup.

Chinese cabbage

Large leaves will shrink and acquire the taste of the soup, a must eat in China!

Rice cakeGateau_de_riz

Small white and firm slices. Let them boil till they have softened enough.

Chinese wheat noodles

Mostly eaten in the North, they are close to some Italian noodles.

Chinese rice noodlesNouilles_de_riz

A classic ingredient in the south of China, white or transparent, they exist under many types.

Chinese dumplings

Maybe hard to find outside China, but if you get them, with meat, vegetables or shrimp, try them. Dumplings in hot pot is typical from Beijing.


Le choix est un peu limité dans nos supermarchés. Il existe d’autres sortes de champignons conservés sous forme séchée qui nous viennent notamment en Chine. Il en possible d’en commander en ligne.

The choice is a bit limited in our supermarkets. Meanwhile, other types of mushrooms are preserved under their dried form and  directly come from China.

BoletusLe bouillon aux champignons

Black mushrooms

White button mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms

Other mushrooms


Chinese people traditionally eat many green vegetables. Chinese cabbage or spinach can be easily found outside China.







Sweet potatoe


All possible and thinkable kinds of meat can be added in a chinese hot pot. No offal on this list but chinese people eat them a lot especially in hot pot.

Sliced turkeyViande


Sliced beef

Sliced chicken






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