Choose your chinese hot pot recipe

There is no ONE chinese hot pot but different sorts as I already mentionned in other posts.

Here, I give you 4 recipes of chinese hot pot among the most famous ones. Two low spicy ones, one very spicy and even a dessert fondue. I detailed the steps to prepare the soup which is the base of the hot pot. Then you can add all the ingredients you want to eat (meat, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, fish). A few suggestions are available in this article.

Generally I buy the ingredients in a chinese grocery or on line.

The clear hot pot

A hot pot with soft and non spicy aromas. The soup contains few spices compared to the following kinds presented in this post.


Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients: For 1.5 L of water

1 cube of dried pork soup or pork bones (300g)FondueChinoiseBouillonClaire

1 cube of dried pork soup or chicken  bones (300g)

4,5 fragrant mushrooms

2 slices of cucubmer

1 small pinch of goji berries

1 Oignon

2 garlic cloves

A few red dates

3 dried hot peppers

2 star anise

2 large slices of ginger

3,4 slices of tomato


If you use pork or chicken bones: Boil them a first time to eliminate remaining blood and wash the washing water.

If you use dried soup cube, you can directly add water and make it boil.

Then, add the other ingredients:

  • Red date, goji berries, star anise, ginger, garlic and oignon, cucumber, fragrant mushrooms
  • Add the tomatoes just before the end.

Your soup is now ready, you can add all the dishes you want to eat !

Don’t hesitate to add water to compensate the evaporation during the dinner.


The Yunnan’s mushroom hot pot

This hot pot comes from the south-western part of China, Yunnan province, well-know for its mushrooms ! You can use any type you want.

This recipe uses some kinds of mushrooms that cannot be find fresh in France, we use dried ones. Even in China, mushrooms are usually used under this form.


Difficulty: EasyFondue_Chinoise_Bouillon_Champignon

Ingredients:  For 1.5 L of water

1/2 dried chicken soup cube or chicken bons (150g)

4 or 5 fragrant mushrooms

2 slices of ginger

1 pinch of goji berries

A few red dates

Dried black mushrooms

White button mushrooms



Rehumidified dried mushrooms about 10 minutes in cold water.

Boil the chicken soup with ginger and fragrant mushrooms during about 15 minutes. Add white button mushrooms and boletus. Simmer over a low heat during about 10 minutes. Finally add the black mushrooms and your soup is ready.

The fragrant mushrooms are eadible but not very tasty, we use them for their flavour.

La fondue pimentée de Chongqing

This recipe is the one of the supposed original hot pot from which others have evolved. This version is very spicy, you might find it difficult to eat it if you are not used to. I recommand you add spices sparingly.


Difficulty: Medium


Dried hot pepper or powder (100g)Fondue_Chinoise_Chongqing2

A few grains of Sichuan pepper

2 Star anise


A pinch of nutmeg


2,3 cloves

2 laurel leaves

2 garlic cloves

2 slices of ginger

100 g of butter

½ L of vegetal oil


Boil the dried hot peppers during 20 min at low heat. In another pot, do the same with star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, cloves and laurel leaves during 20 min. Separately drain the hot pepper and the spices. Chop garlic and ginger. Roughly smash the spices with a blender. Do the same with the pepper, always separately.

In a big pot, let the spices simmer in 500 ml of oil during 15 to 20 minutes at low heat. Wait until ingredients acquire a golden color and filter the oil that have now emprisonned the aromas of the spices. Preserve the spices.

Let the butter melt into your dinner pot and then pour this fragrant oil into it. Add the smashed hot peppers, garlic, ginger and let simmer a while always at low heat.

After 15 min, add 25 ml of strong alcohol (rice alcohol or other). Wait again a few minutes and add the preserved spices as well as a few grains of Sichuan pepper. Let it boil at low heat during 10 minutes and serve.

This dish uses a large amount of different spices. Sometimes, you can directly buy a cocktail of these dried spices in asian groceries. This is the result of what you can get after the step 2 with the hot pepper often included. If you buy this preparation you can follow the recipe from the end of step 2.

As a bonus, I give a recipe of “chinese fondue” for dessert. You can just share this post to unlock the content.

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