The hot pot in the world

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Do you know all different kinds of fondues in the world ? Jump into an overview of the dish through the world in this post.

A strict definition of a hotpot is a dish where ingredients are thrown into a liquid (oil, soup, wine…), cooked and eaten.

The chinese hotpot

There is not ONE chinese hotpot because many kinds actually exists in China. Hot pepper, chrysanthemum, mushrooms, seafood… not easy to choose. We usually add numerous ingredients into the soup, from meats to vegetables, tofu or noodles. There is for everyone’s taste !


The chocolate hotpot

One special kind for dessert using melted chocolate. With milk chocolate, black chocolate or white chocolate, possibilities are infinite. We can soak fruits, biscuits or even candys into the molten chocolate.

The cambodian hotpot

Back to Asia for this exemple. One can find it in Cambodia where the Nioc-mam sauce is used as the soup. Vegetables, meats and seafood are boiled in it and consumed.

The fondue bourguignonne

Here is one of the french traditionnal hotppot using beef. Meat slices are thrown into oil perfumed with herbs, garlic and vegetables. Red wine could also plays the role of soup in special case.

The indian hotpot

Accepted in from indian origin, the version uses curry as main spice to which coconut milk is added to make the soup. In fact, it is more famous under the name of curry hotpot. Meat, fish and vegetables are commonly eaten with this soup.

The cheese hotpot

FondueSuisseRAnother very well know fondue born in the Alps in Europe. Swiss, french, and Italian are competing for the title but it always consists in soaking pieces of bread into molten cheese and white wine. Whereas, The swiss version mostly uses gruyère, french people usually use two or three different kinds of cheese (Compté, Beaufort, Reblochon). In Aosta valley, we called it the Fontina, where eggs and truffles can be added.

The Japanese hotpot

For the end, lets present a declinaison, as some says, of the chinese hotpot, but with smaller size. Also called Shapu-Shapu, we eat the dish in small individual pots for each guest. Each person can then add what he wants into his own soup.

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