4 assets of the chinese hot pot


Why would you savour a chinese hot pot rather than another type of fondue ?. Exotism, taste ? In addition to its typical flavours and exotic aspect, eating a chinese hot pot also have unexpected assets. Discover them in this post.

You can eat the dishes you want

One advantage of the chinese hot pot is that you can select this products you wish to add in the soup, once this one has been prepared. There is no limit to that. By the way, when you go to a hot pot restaurant in China, the number of dishes available to add in your soup is just astonishing. Meets, fishes, tofu, vegetables, mushrooms, herbs, we don’t know which way to look ! Everyone is free to eat what he desires.

Of course, in traditional gastronomy of each hotpot, the ingredients are limited and precisely selected for their harmony. For instance, we have many kinds of meet in the Chonqing or Sichuan hotpot and many fishes in the Cantonese hotpot.

A dish that help to keep oneself warm

In the history of chinese hotpot, the dish was first designed to warm up during the hard and long winter of the central provinces of China. Hot pepper, which emphasizes this feeling, is commonly used in theses regions. Just as like French of Swiss fondues, chinese hotpot is a warming-up and nourishing dish, perfect for winter.

Hot pepper as a body cleaner

In chinese medecine, hot pepper is recommended to help evacuating bad humidity outside the body. In the damp areas of hot pot’s cradle, hot pepper is an essential ingredient to the dish. The aim is to make you sweat, and allow to you clean your body, as suggests by the traditional medecine.

Nourishing but lighter than of cheese hot pot

Here is an asset for people who are paralysed to the idea of eating and gaining 5 kg during the  the end-of-year festivals. Chinese hot pot brings largely less calories than its cousine, the cheese fondue. Apart from the Chongqing hot pot, which still remains lighter than the cheese one, other types of chinese hotpot are very low fat. In addition, nothing prevents you to throw a lot of vegetables into the soup, which makes this dish even more dietetic.

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