Which sauce for a chinese hot pot ?

In this article, I propose you 5 recipes of sauces among the most popular in China to eat with your chinese hot pot. They are all easy to prepare at home.

The sauce for a chinese hot pot is almost as important as the dish itself. It helps to sublimate the taste and diversify the flavours. Originally, it also had a protecting function for very spicy hot pots, where the sauce were supposed to prevent the stomach from hot pepper attacks.

Here follow 5 easy and 100% chinese recipes. Quantities are calculated to get about one cup of tea of sauce.

Sesame sauce 麻酱


One of the most popular and famous in China. Very easy to prepare. Its taste is soft and slightly sweet. It perfectly gets along with many ingredients of the hot pot.


Sesame (120 g)

Colza oil

Hot water

A teaspoon of sugar



First stir the sesame seed in a pan, not to much. Them crush them with a pester or a blender until you get a fine powder. Add oil and hot water, and mix them together to get a texture you like. You can filter the sauce to eliminate remaining uncrushed seeds.


The spicy sauce 辣油

This one is not specific of the chinese hot pot, we find it in many places, especially in the north of China, with dumlings for example. This sauce could tastes very strong, then be moderate when you add hot pepper.


Hot pepper powder (10g)

Sichuan pepper (10 grains)

100ml of colza oil

1-2 cm of leek

1 garlic

1 star anise

A pinch of sesame seeds



Let stir the anise star in oil during a few minutes. Put the hot pepper powder in a bowl and add the piece of leek, Sichuan pepper and garlic. Turn off the fire and let the oil cools during 10 minutes. Then pour it on the ingredients and mix until you get an homogeneous color. Take out the ingredients, add a pinch of sesame seeds a few leaves of coriander.


Peanuts sauce 花生酱

****Sauce à la cacahuète

Peanuts (120g)

Dried hot pepper (ou en poudre)




Same principle than for the sesame sauce. At the end, you can add a few peanuts, hot pepper, smashed garlic and coriander.




In addition, I offer you 2 other recipes to prepare at home.

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